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We’ve all walked into a friend’s bedroom and had a “wow” moment. That feeling as you enter the room and you’re struck by the furniture, the accessories, the layout, and the mood they create. A well-designed bedroom is all about creating the perfect retreat for your child, whether it’s fun and full of energy or a peaceful and calming retreat.

Let her room show her personality

When you design a girl’s bedroom, think about her and the type of room she wants to have:

  • Does she want a hip, fun hangout for groups of friends?
  • A quiet, cozy retreat to snuggle and rejuvenate her at the end of each day?
  • A crafty, creative workspace for art projects?

This theme is what you will build on as you select the right furniture and accessories.

Let’s work through a few scenarios to help you get an idea of how to use color, furniture type, and layout to create the bedroom your child will love.

The peaceful, calming retreat:

Does your daughter like to curl up and relax after school and have some quiet time to rejuvenate? A room with a book or TV nook in one corner is going to make her smile.

Tween bedroom design for girls

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A Kids and Tween sofa would be the perfect spot to watch TV, along with a Grab n Go chair she can move to wherever she wants to curl up and read a book.

Choose a cushy headboard for her bed with a color that compliments the sofa and chair, and put accent pillows on her bed to give it an inviting look and to pull the colors of the room together.

Hip, trendy gathering place for friends:

Is your daughter a social butterfly that thrives on time with friends? Create a gathering space where they will enjoy crazy fun times together filled with laughter and hours of girl-talk!

The Kids and Tween sectional is the perfect start, with endless configurations for the girls to create when they are chatting and playing games.

Tween Sectional

A few Grab n Go chairs can be pulled up for movie nights when the sectional can’t fit them all.

Tween Grab-n-Go Shair

A small table and chairs in another corner will create a space for arts and crafts.

Adding matching lamps, pillows, area rugs, and trendy wall art will liven up the room and add a trendy, fashionable feel.

Kids today don’t just sleep in their bedrooms. They recharge there, enjoy fun times with friends, and create memories that last forever. Clever designs using carefully selected furniture, fun colors, and smart layouts turn a bedroom into a haven where they will have endless hours of enjoyment.

3 Tips for decorating the perfect girl’s room

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