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10 exciting, unique ideas to help you pick the perfect present

Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for a little boy on your holiday list? How do you find a present that is perfect for the busy, creative, rowdy, quiet, or fun-loving boy? We know each little boy has a unique personality, and we offer a large variety of products and patterns so our shoppers can find the *perfect* gift for each child.

Browse through the ideas below and you’re sure to find the ultimate gift that will make him jump up and down with excitement the moment he sees it! Make sure you check out our FREE Christmas gift promos in our Room Décor section as well, and you’ll be able to get him even more with your purchase.

1. Kid’s Sectional

What’s the best thing for a bunch of bouncy boys? The Kids and Tween sectional gives them a place to hang out, play games, watch movies, and more. They will have as much fun moving the pieces into countless configurations as they will hanging out on it – your boy’s bedroom will be the gathering place of choice for all his friends! Choose the color that matches his personality from the variety of fabric choices.

Kids Sectional - Grey
Kids Sectional Navy Blue Merino Lapis
kids sectional grey

2. John Deere Tractor Bed

Bedtime will be your little boy’s favorite time of day in this John Deere Tractor bed! Imagine his delight when he climbs in the “cab” to settle down for the night and dream of driving his tractor on new adventures. Toy pick up becomes fun as well with the storage bin at the foot of the bed.

jids bed john deere tractor

3. John Deere Toy Box and Easel sets

Is your little boy full of energy and creativity? The John Deere Toy Box and Easel sets will provide hours of playtime fun. Painted in the traditional John Deere green, these two sets are multi-functional with not just a creative workspace, but plenty of storage for games and supplies as well as a realistic look that will spur their imagination for hours of fun.

John Deere Activity Center
John Deere Toy Box

4. Kid’s Grab-n-Go Chair

Is your boy busy and on the go? These versatile, portable chairs are the perfect gift for the boy who likes to be where the action is: he can grab his chair by the handle and take it to any room in the house! Choose the style that your boy will love: will he want a rocker? A Grab-n-Go with handy book pockets on each side so his books go wherever the chair does? You will know the perfect match when you see it. Fabric possibilities for the Grab-n-Go are endless; you are sure to find the color and pattern that matches his personality to a “T!”

kids grab-n-go cubby chair
kids camo chair

5. Kid’s Sleeper/Sofa

This multi-function sofa has endless uses. As a sofa, it can be the place to pile full of wiggly friends, a retreat to recharge with a book, or the perfect spot for movie night with a friend. As he grows, he’ll love the fact that he can pull out the bottom cushion and convert it to a comfy bed, making his room sleepover central!

Kids sleeper sofa grey
kids sleeper raceday 2020rdsnv
kids sleeper sofa mossy oak camoflauge

6. Kid’s Recliner

What little boy isn’t going to be thrilled to climb into his recliner, put his drink in the drink holder, and pop up the footrest? His grin will stretch from ear to ear as he settles in to watch football with Dad & Mom. Choose a fabric pattern that he’ll love and this gift is a sure hit!

kids recliner nutral
kids recliner grey
Kids Recliner Mossy Oak camo
kids recliner blue

7. Accessories galore!

Add some personality to your boy’s room by filling it with fun and unique accessories. Decorate his wall with our “Little Boys are Made of” wall art and add a mossy oak lamp for an outdoor feel. A comfortable headboard in the nature-themed fabric will highlight his bed, and adding a pile of cushy, colorful pillows will pull it all together. The possibilities are endless – and, with our Christmas gift promo, you will be able to get some of these accessories FREE with qualifying purchases!

mossy oak racoon lamp
Mossy Oak Wall Art

8. Storage Box

Every child needs a place to put all his toys, games, and stuffed animals, and this multi-function storage box is the perfect solution! Available in four colors, it will seamlessly blend into any bedroom or toy room. Once closed it can be used as an ottoman with the Kids and Tween sofa or sectional so that everyone in the room can kick up their feet while watching movies or playing games.

9. John Deere Table and Chairs

Imagine your boy’s face when he walks into the room and sees his own John Deere table and chair set! Perfect for any room in the house, he’ll have a special place to eat meals, do creative projects, and play games with friends. Give him endless hours of fun by adding this fun set to his gift list.

John Deere Activity Table

10. Gift Cards

Not sure what gift is the one he’ll want? A Kid’s and Tween gift card will let him choose the exact present that will make his Christmas wish come true. Available in any amount, these cards make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. He’ll be able to choose his favorite gift, in his favorite color, and have it delivered to his doorstep – shopping just doesn’t get any easier!

kid's gift card

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